Mac Client – 6.7.2 – Command Line Tooling, oh, and more malware

Monday, April 19th, 2021 / Mac Client, News, Release Notes

FEATURES New command line tooling options via “RunClient” Plugins can be enabled using –enable/–disable Plugins can be enumerated via –list-plugins Improved support and reporting on battery service Logs if Flash is present on any given Mac via a dedicated plugin result Adds additional tech specs such as iBridge CHANGES Issues with the PreferencePane’s visibility in […]

Windows Client – – Plugin fixes

Friday, April 16th, 2021 / News, Release Notes, Windows Client

Features Avast Business now reports correctly through the Avast plugin Enabling and Disabling plugins is now handled through RunClient.exe tool Changes Redirected Volumes and Root Drive information to “Physical Disks,” a new plugin. Reworked conditions to clarify “Informational” status reporting to a more accurate “All Clear” status reporting. Revised Windows version reporting to reflect Microsoft’s […]

Windows Client – – Contact Menu updates and fixes for the Office Plugin

Friday, March 26th, 2021 / News, Release Notes, Windows Client

Changes Cleaned up the stock text shown at the end of installation (does not effect Custom Branded installers) Increased the limit of reported Users in the Users plugin from 5 to 10 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where we could report the incorrect last user on remote access systems. Fixed an issue where 32-bit system […]

Windows Client – – New RunClient tool, auto-update improvements.

Thursday, February 18th, 2021 / News, Release Notes, Windows Client

Features Adds a new “RunClient.exe” binary. Changes Adds support for upcoming auto-update options   About the content of this update: We have added a new binary named RunClient.exe. This tool can be used to perform manual updates, runs, and will provide additional options in the near future. Additional details are at   This update […]

Windows Client – – Fixes to Alerting for Windows Update and Reboot Events

Thursday, January 21st, 2021 / News, Release Notes, Windows Client

Changes – Changed Microsoft Office plugin to better handle multiple installations of Office (2016, 2019, Office 365) – Windows Update will now send a one-time alert if it was previously enabled and is now disabled – Updated the System MAC blacklist to prevent reporting systems on VPNs as being duplicates – Changed Flash plugin to […]

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